Hunt the Wumpus

As a bit of “study” for an AI class, I implemented Hunt the Wumpus in Scratch. You can visit the Scratch page here. The aim is to pick up the gold and get back to the ladder. The Pits and Wumpus kill you, the bats transport you to a random square. When adjacent to pits you feel a breeze (grey squiggles). When adjacent to Wumpus you smell a stench (brown squiggles). When adjacent to bats you see a batman symbol because it’s batman. When you are in the gold square you see a yellow shimmer.

Key Action
Up Face Up (or Move Up if facing up)
Down Face Down (or Move Down if facing down)
Left Face Left (or Move Left if facing left)
Right Face Right (or Move Right if facing right)
Space Fire Arrow (you only have one)
G Pick Up Gold

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