Aussie Broadband CVC Graph Archive

Aussie Broadband is a great NBN internet provider. They are the only one that posts daily CVC Utilization graphs which are the only real way you can see if you’re going to get peak time congestion. After suffering congestion under other ISPs I moved to Aussie and haven’t had any speed slowdown

Unfortunately for whatever reason they don’t offer historic CVC data, they only display the previous day’s, I’ve kindly started backing it up so that Aussie users can see historic CVC data. All this data belongs to ABB and I take no responsibility for its accuracy. But seriously, they are great and you should switch to them if you can.

If for any reason this page doesn’t work for you, you can navigate the raw image data here.

CVC Graph
Fri 2018-04-06
2018-04-06 Slide to change date 2018-04-06