Play audio or song when a certain device connects to your network

I got robbed recently in the middle of the night and they stole a phone and my keys. Obviously it was difficult to sleep that night knowing someone out there had access to my house, so remembering the phone automatically connected to my router when it was in range, I wrote this bash script to play The Final Countdown when it reconnected. It assumes you have VLC media player installed.

#PINGVAL will be null except when the phone pings back
while [ -z "$PINGVAL" ]; do
echo "pinging"
#change to local ip address of phone, ping only outputs ttl when ping is successful
PINGVAL=$(ping -c 1 | grep ttl) 
#dah dah DAH DAH, dah dah DAH DAH DAH, dah dah DAH DAH...
cvlc Europe.mp3 --start-time=13 --volume 1024

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